An Integrated Tool for Time-Series Analysis and Prediction

- Downloading -






The programm works only with 32-bit Windows. If you use Windows 3.11 you must install the 32-bit subsystem w32s130.exe. But usually it is installed. For the graphical represetation the program needs the public domain program GnuPlot .

You can upgrade GnuPlot to 32-bit with .

You need Tcl/Tk tcl80p2.exe
  You need the Data-Stream-Network-Package

Please unzip this file in a separte directory (or a floppy-disk) . Read the included install.txt or the MS-Word 97 document install.doc.

In this documentation you can get information to install Gnuplot and Tcl/Tk, too.

In this disk1-package the 80386 executable dsn386.exe ist included .

You can download the executables or .

Coyp this files in the directory: ......\tsa\bin.